Area Orientation

Our Area Orientation Services enable assignees to settle down in their new destination home and tune in with their local surroundings. It is not enough to just find a house and move in, the assignees need to know the neighbourhood, understand the culture, find out about the career options and get a hand in knowing the local language. More than the house selection, it is these elements, which are complex and need to be taken into consideration.

Understanding Your New Home

As a part of our services, we provide your relocating employees with a complete and unbiased account of the new country, the possibility of issues, which could arise and how best to tackle them and move forward.

Whether the orientation programme is included in the visit before the assignment or offered post-relocation, BTR International’s counsellors are equipped in orienting your employees to the new location they have moved to. With each counselling session, our services are solution-driven to address all assignee queries.

BTR International’s tailor-made orientation services include:

  • Comprehensive tours of the new location
  • Social calls to places offering amenities and visits to potential properties
  • Acquainting with all the local information and advice that might be useful for them and their families
  • Identifying key issues early on
  • Helping to reduce relocation costs considerably
  • Learning about a place by understanding its pros and cons
  • Focusing and managing the individuals needs
  • Assistance in adjusting with the new location and help with understanding the new way of living
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    BTR have been our ray of hope in our search for a new home. The team understood our requirements and catered to our needs. The home search was on point and the properties we viewed matched our requirements well. We are very happy that BTR assisted us in finding our new home and the journey hasn’t ended here. They are always there and respond extremely swiftly when we need them or have a concern. If you’re looking to relocate to a new place, we highly recommend BTR for the services. You won’t be disappointed.


    Paediatric Consultant