Education Consultancy

Educational facilities in the country where an assignee is relocated are very crucial for employees who move in with their families. Our education consultancy services ensure that we provide the necessary support they require.

It is a known fact that no parents would appreciate interruptions in their children’s education processes. However, when a career move is required, and they must move with their family to a completely new country this naturally poses concerns for a worried parent as to how the child’s education can be executed seamlessly.

Sound Education For Children

We understand that your employee’s professional commitments can only be executed to its fullest potential if they are secure in their knowledge that their child is getting a sound education.

We have a team of education consultants, who are experts in their field and will work closely with your assignees to ensure the best solution plans when it comes to their children’s education. We help transform challenges into opportunities to ensure a child does not feel lost in their new surroundings.

The education consultancy services that we offer is focused on keeping the assignees’ requirements in mind. We also build a plan based on future requirements into consideration. There might be special needs or disability considerations, which we consider in our service policies.

A Wide Array Of Options

In case we cannot find the correct solution in a country that has vastly different education standards from the country your assignees have been relocated from, we endeavor to find alternative ways to find the best possible options for the employees’ children. Homeschool/tutor solutions to boarding facilities, we offer a wide array of options to seek the best possible educational avenues for the assignees’ children. Our education consultants will always go the extra mile with your employees to offer a personalised service to ensure the education requirements of the employees’ children are met.

A summary of the Education Consultancy services that we offer:

  • Detailed analysis calls with families that have relocated
  • Arranging for advice from education professionals in the area
  • Exhaustive research of all the education options in the destination city.
  • Setting up appointments at schools
  • Arranging for assessment tests as and when required
  • Offering help in applications, submissions, council registrations and acceptance of final offers
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