Expense Management

It is very important to manage your expenses when you deploy your employees on assignments. Our robust expense management service from BTR International has been framed in a manner to help you to keep the disbursement of your funds under control.

Judicious Allocation Of Reserves

After all, cautiously allocating your monetary reserves will aid you in providing the most accurate tax reports that might be levied on any relocation programme. You also need to be aware of the exact expenses that you have been reimbursing to your employees at any point in time.

If you are in need of a tax specialist, we do have a trusted partner in this field of expertise and will happily share the details.

Keeping You Updated

When it comes to accounting for relocation costs, our proficient expense managers will be closely working with you as you reach out to your employees for ensuring that all charges and outlays have been properly checked, reported and reconciled.

Our expense management service at a glance:

  • Providing expense approval at agreed milestones
  • Delivering cost validation
  • Assisting in carrying out all payments with relocation tracking and assignment costs
  • Expense coding during times of taxation and payroll requirements
  • Auditing all expenses
  • Total cost reporting
  • End of year tax reporting
  • Managing all assignment costs
  • Tracking expenses that comply with company policy
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