Temporary Accommodation

Find the perfect property for your assignees with our Temporary Accommodation services

At BTR International, we understand how essential it is to find the best possible accommodation, even for short based temporary stays. This is the reason, as a part of our property management and relocation services, we are committed to understanding the specific requirements and concerns of your employees when we create our mobility plan for them.

Helping Find The Best Fit

We offer support for short-term lease accommodations for your employees. We provide you access, when it comes to different ranges of properties and lease variations, which fall in line with your individual budget requirements. So, if you are keen to select the best fit accommodation for your assignee, even if it is for a short-term lease, choose BTR International’s temporary accommodation services.

Helping your assignees find the best possible accommodation, however temporary it might be, is the best possible way to assist them in settling into their new country. We totally understand that in certain countries a serviced option might not be feasible or not suitable in some specific cases and situations.

Categorising Accurate Needs

We work closely with your assignees to seek and categorise their precise needs before we start our search. Once we get an understanding of what they want and what are their specific requirements, we will be happy to help them find their ideal home, temporary or on a longer-term basis.

  • Contract guidance can be time consuming, so we assist your assignees on contracts and enable them to make informed decisions.
  • We even review the terms of the lease documents, the conditions given in the documents and manage the process of negotiation, wherever needed, so that the terms and requirements of the lease agreement are deciphered by both parties.
  • After the agreement is signed, we help your assignees track the lease term till its expiry and work on extension requirements if needed.
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    BTR have been our ray of hope in our search for a new home. The team understood our requirements and catered to our needs. The home search was on point and the properties we viewed matched our requirements well. We are very happy that BTR assisted us in finding our new home and the journey hasn’t ended here. They are always there and respond extremely swiftly when we need them or have a concern. If you’re looking to relocate to a new place, we highly recommend BTR for the services. You won’t be disappointed.


    Paediatric Consultant