Tenancy Management

Managing tenancy agreements for employees who have been relocated to various destinations in the world is can be a cumbersome task, which can take a toll on the HR processes of a company. However, this is a necessary task as assignees may not be aware of the norms and regulations in the country they have been relocated to.

Solution On Rental Formalities

As a part of our expert tenancy management we help you as you reach out to your assignees on their rental formalities. From interactions with the tradespeople, the landlords, the servicemen, real estate agents, our managers at BTR International assist so that your employees do not face any kind of tenancy concerns in their new country.

Our tenant management services have been aligned in a manner to lessen your administrative burden to enable you to concentrate on strategic business needs of the company whilst being able to keep control and track property expenses.

When we provide corporate relocation services for your employees, we include:

  • negotiations on lease agreements
  • lease renewals
  • controls of dilapidation
  • interactions with tradespeople
  • consultations with cleaning services
  • discussions with the landlords
  • This way we offer optimum avenues for your employees to concentrate on a business assignment without being bothered by any kind of stress regarding managing their accommodation in a new country.

    A broad look at our Tenancy Management Services:

  • Liaison between the assignee and the landlord
  • Managing payments and reducing overall assignment cost
  • Acting as an independent intermediary (as required) between the employee and respective landlord
  • Assistance through BTR’s 24/7 support line
  • Handling all possible tenancy issues
  • Coordination with third-party agent’s eg. cleaners, decorators, and inventory clerks
  • Support at departure period by arranging for inventory check-outs and recovering security deposits
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