Millenial Lite Solutions

Relocating millennials comes with its share of challenges as well as thrills. This generation have a different approach to relocating overseas, so solutions for them have to be devised in a manner that would cater for their tastes and style, and why not, after all, this generation has been making waves in the workforce. They are young, dynamic and ready to move. Statistics show that by 2020, millennials will be claiming more than 36% of jobs. They are changing how business models operate. Therefore, it is becoming more frequent that mobility companies have been devising relocation strategies, which are specially delivered.

For this generation, BTR has come up with a special Millennial Moving Lite Solution.

The moving solutions in this process, address the value segment of short-term assignees.

The differential service offerings that come with it include:

Courier pack

E documents

E survey (via crater)

Virtual survey, generally used for more lumpsum/ air shipments

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